Winshaw Technology Brokerage

The #1 Sales Broker for High Growth Tech Companies

We work with cutting edge technology and implementation specialists to deliver high impact transformation programmes in partnership with strategic growth teams.

Technology Brokerage

Our Growth Portfolio Includes

Winshaw Idea Validation™

Find out if your product idea has the X-factor

Find out if your product idea has what it takes to succeed by validating its value proposition before investing hard-earned investment capital.

Winshaw Technology Brokerage™

The best sales channel to drive sustainable growth

Finance teams will want to see a solid and actionable growth plan backed by a systematic approach, low fixed costs, and well qualified opportunities. This operating model is what you (and they) need.

Enterprise Growth Programme™

Prove new technology will drive growth at scale

You’ve got a big growth target but limited budget. Time to start building a business case? Our exclusive enterprise growth programe will take you from idea to full deployment as quickly and painlessly as possible.