Win More Deals

Sales Brokerage for Commodity Based Goods and Services

Do you want new profitable deals delivered to your inbox every morning? Partner with us and our brokers will start scanning the market for new opportunities today.

Our Growth Portfolio Includes

Maximise pipeline value

Dramatically increase the value of your order book through a targeted campaign.

Improve conversion rate

Only engage with highly qualified opportunities brought to you by our brokers.

Accelerate time to revenue

Speed up your sales cycle by engaging well connected sector specialists.

Reduce cost of customer acquisition

Eliminate non-productive fixed sales overheads

Commission Only

50% subject to agreement

Low risk approach with commission only option:

  • 12-month min. contract term
  • Commodity (or equivalent)
  • Access to prospect database
  • Board level contact
  • Immediate payment terms

Standard Retainer

£5,000p/m +20%*

Accelerated deal closing for strategic or tactical campaigns.

  • 6-month min. contract term
  • 20% commission
  • Exclusivity available
  • Weekly update calls
  • *indicative rate

Sales Team

£20,000 p/m +10%*

Drive systematic growth with a dedicated team.

  • 3-month min. contract term
  • Lower commission
  • Bid management
  • Deal closing
  • Daily update calls

"This is the second time I have worked with Winshaw and I cannot recommend them highly enough. The impact on sales, funding, internal governance and the team generally has been transformational. Implementing their recommendations within our growing tech business accelerated growth and mitigated the risk of wasting precious investment capital."

Assad Tabet, Chief Operating Officer, MySense