Winshaw Idea Validation™

Get Your New Tech Business Idea Validated by Experts

Following a preliminary consultation and two-day workshop, we provide a business growth report for current and aspiring tech entrepreneurs.

Will your idea work and scale?

Validate a new business idea

Work out whether your new business idea will take off before committing all of your time and money.

Create 10-year vision

Set your goals and ambitions for the future without the weight of today's blockers dominating your though.

Establish success framework

Turn your dream into reality with a documented framework for coordinating long term growth.

Launch with confidence

Start the journey as if you had the benefit of hindsight by learning from the success and failure of others.

Get The Winshaw Idea Validation™ Playbook

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you validate your startup idea, request a copy of our Startup Idea Validation Playbook which outlines the steps we’ll take together to fuel your growth

“We’re incredibly pleased with Winshaw. We were quickly able to develop a platform for growth by creating a strategy that allowed us to both capitalise on short-term opportunities and design the critical infrastructure needed to scale our tech business”

Peter Lee, CEO,