Winshaw GrowthMap™

Create a Blueprint to Secure Funding and Drive Growth

After a series of consultations, workshops, stakeholder interviews and independent research, we build a comprehensive operating manual to grow your business.

Are you at the right stage for this?

Value total addressable market

Understand global and domestic market behaviours and future trends as you aim for product market fit.

Design infrastructure that scales

Get tailored insights into the fundamental back office platforms and operating procedures required to scale.

Agree hiring plan

Systemise a talent attraction, onboarding, management and retention process to prepare for growth.

Secure growth funding

Mitigate investment uncertainty through a robust business plan, benchmarked against your industry peers.

Get The Winshaw GrowthMap™ Playbook

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you prepare for funding and growth, request a copy of our GrowthMap™ playbook which outlines the steps we’ll take together to fuel your growth

“We’re incredibly pleased with Winshaw. We were quickly able to develop a platform for growth by creating a strategy that allowed us to both capitalise on short-term opportunities and design the critical infrastructure needed to scale our tech business”

Peter Lee, CEO,