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Freelance Introducer

Do you know of any friends or colleagues who would be willing to hear a pitch about emerging technology? Get paid for those connections by making introductions on behalf of our technology brokerage clients. Partner with us today to unlock exclusive access to new opportunities and start earning from anywhere.

Onboarding and Support

  1. Fast onboarding process
  2. Winshaw email
  3. Morning Call
  4. We find and secure new clients / products and undertake all client management and billing
  5. Ongoing product training and sales coaching
  6. New opportunities are posted via an online portal
  7. Immediate payment via Stripe (less fees) or monthly bank transfer in arrears
  8. Uncapped earning potential

Your commitment

  1. Commit as little or as much time per month as you want
  2. Represent the client in a professional manner at all times
  3. Work publicly for Winshaw (e.g. on LinkedIn) or in stealth mode
  4. Option to recruit a sub-team and split reward
  5. Bring your own black book or develop sector network as you go
  6. 12-month non-compete clause on any named clients


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